Solved: How do I fix “The sample rate for your microphone isn’t supported” Warning?

Problem: Xbox Console Companion app displays a warning message “The sample rate for your microphone isn’t supported” when users try to set up a party using Xbox App although the microphone or the headset working fine with other application. Follow below solution steps to fix Xbox app’s microphone isn’t supported warning.

[Free Giveaway] Photo Watermark Software v8.2 Registration Code – Protect Photos From Unauthorized Use

If you are sharing photos to network, you never know what will happen. Someone could take the photos for their own use, or Malicious revised, you might never even know. is now free giveaway registration code for Photo Watermark Software v8.2, to protect ownership rights of your photos by applying professional watermarks (text, image, […]

Optimizing Hybrid Cloud Environments: Insights From The Battlefield

87% of organizations already have a hybrid cloud environment but optimization is key to improving performance, scalability, and cost-efficiency. We reviewed 200 cloud projects from the last 12 months to gain insights about optimization areas requiring an immediate business impact. Based on our experience, organizations that harbour legacy modified datacenter operations are frequently not achieving […]