The Importance of High-Quality Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA)

The desire to achieve payment efficiency often prompts providers to transition from paper to electronic payments. But poor-quality ERAs can cause them to reverse course. Transitioning your provider network from paper checks to electronic payments will enable you to achieve significant gains in efficiency and cost savings. For the provider, however, the electronic payments can […]

Is Web Scraping Legal?

Data or web scraping has become standard practice for many companies operating in the digital landscape. They might use web scraping tools for competitive price monitoring, to help them fetch product descriptions and images, or to aggregate news article data. There are dozens of different applications of web scraping used in all sorts of fields […]

Cybersecurity News Headlines Update on December 09, 2020

NSA Warns that VMware Flaw is Being Actively Exploited, Fixes Available. The US National Security Agency (NSA) has issued a cybersecurity advisory, warning that Russian hackers are exploiting a command injection flaw in VMware Access and VMware identity Manager. The exploit allows attackers to install malware, access data, and maintain a persistent presence on vulnerable […]

How to Fine Tune, Speed Up, and Improve macOS Performance Without Third-Party App

MacBook and iMac require regular maintenance to continue to perform well. Old, outdated or removed/uninstalled programs leave behind traces of code, apps that force to startup automatically always caused on and consumed additional memory. Caches keep backing up will slow down the macOS’s performance. This article outline top macOS maintenance methods to help MacBook, iMac, […]