The Cybersecurity Remedy: How Healthcare Security Professionals Can Reduce Risk

While healthcare professionals are putting themselves on the frontline to protect and serve patients throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, bad actors are taking advantage of the current events to ramp up their efforts to cause harm. At the same time, organizations have shifted their operations to a remote model, moving quickly to implementations of new hardware, […]

Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, and Fintech News Headlines Update on December 17, 2020

The hacker managed to install a compromised version of MetaMask that tricked Hugh Karp into signing a transaction that redirected 370,000 NXM (Nexus Mutual) tokens to an attacker-controlled address, worth $8.2 million as of press time, around 6% of all tokens. At 9:40am this morning @HughKarp‘s personal address was attacked and drained by a member […]

IT Managed Services Provider Resource Recommendation Update on December 19, 2020

Knowledge of terms to know What is Social Recruiting (Social Media Recruitment)? Social media recruiting is the enterprise use of social media platforms to identify, engage and vet individuals who the organization may want to hire. This HR practice, which is sometimes called social hiring or simply social recruiting, uses social media sites and other […]