Cybersecurity News Headlines Update on November 06, 2020

Bipartisan Coalition of State Governors Announce Cyber Talent Discovery and Scholarship Program For High School Students. Governors from Texas, North Dakota, Alabama, New Jersey, Utah, Idaho, Maryland, and Virginia announced CyberStart America – enabling all high school students in their states to discover whether they have an aptitude to excel in cybersecurity and to win […]

IoT Security Best Practices for Industry and Enterprise

Security has long been a worry for the Internet of Things projects, and for many organizations with active or planned IoT deployments, security concerns have hampered digital ambitions. By implementing IoT security best practices, however, risk can be minimized. Fortunately, IoT security best practices can help organizations reduce the risks facing their deployments and broader […]

Global Macro Trends for IT infrastructure to Solve Digital Transformation Challenges

GXI Vol. 4 tracks shifts in the digital economy and their impacts on digital business. Explore how leaders use their digital infrastructure to fuel growth, where it’s happening and how you can use interconnection to stay competitive. How has 2020 affected the digital economy, and what must leaders do now to remain competitive in it? […]