How Autonomous Cleaning Mobile Robots Help During COVID-19 Pandemic

The recent health crisis has brought the value of automation and robotics into sharp focus. More and more businesses are considering leveraging intelligent, self-driving machines to help improve operational efficiencies and increase worker productivity across several key markets. But what should businesses be thinking about if they want to invest in robotic solutions? Read on […]

Solved: How do I fix can’t find camera error code 0xA00F4289 ActiveCameraUnplugged (0xC00D3EA2) and 0xA00F4244(0xC00D36D5)

Problem: When user trying to access webcam using the built-in Camera app in Windows 10, 0xA00F4289, 0xC00D3EA2, and 0xA00F4244 error code prompt together with some troubleshooting steps. This error prevents the user from using the camera on collaboration tools such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams. The detail error message as below: We can’t find your […]

IT Managed Services Provider Resource Recommendation Update on November 18, 2020

Knowledge of terms to know What is Data center capacity planning? Data center capacity planning is a strategy for ensuring an IT organization’s in-house computing resources, power load, footprint and cooling capacity will be able to meet the workload demands of its users and customers. Data centers are limited in terms of their footprint, ability […]