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How To Attract Readers with Outstanding Email Subject Line for Email Marketing

Today’s inbox is generally cluttered with many different offers and sales pitches and so it seems strange that more people who are trying to market their blogs through an email marketing campaign or another method don’t take the time to write a great subject line.

Great Email Subject Line for Email Marketing

Great Email Subject Line for Email Marketing

These are the times when it’s more necessary than ever to ensure that you’ve got a great subject line to help promote your blog but that essential part of any email seems to be treated with a blase attitude.

Remember that the subject line is one of the more important parts of any email marketing campaign and it makes the first impression that you want to give to any prospective readers. As good as the newsletter about your blog might be, it could very well end up in the trash without an effective subject line. With that in mind, there are several things that you’ll want to remember about these to ensure that you get to the point directly.

Shor and Sweet

And the first point is just that. You want to keep them short and sweet. The general rule is one of these subject lines should never have more than nine words. Remember that most of the browsers that are used today don’t have capabilities beyond that anyway.


Make the benefit of opening the letter known right away. Give the reader some kind of instant reward for opening the message immediately. Using phrases that any reader will see as beneficial is good like save time or profit from home but only give away enough so that they will need to click on your message.

Ask Question

Asking a question in the first line is a good way to entice the reader into wanting to go further. It’s a technique that makes the tone of the email more friendly.


As well, you’ll want to have a look at the style and tone of the email. Remember that using formal language and sentence structure will only get the average reader’s back up. A more conversational style will put them at ease so that they’ll be more than likely to open the email as it appears to be from someone friendly.

Avoid Hard Sales

One final bit of advice. As much as possible, stay away from hard sales terms in the subject line. For instance, phrases like Limited Offer and Buy Now have a way of doing more harm than good.

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