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AtlasIED Atmosphere 2.0 Firmware V2.0.13.179 Update

Atmosphere, AtlasIED’s digital audio platform, has received a firmware upgrade. The objectives of the first firmware update have been prioritized from every piece of feedback received from integrator partners and include some substantial enhancements and additional capabilities like a bell scheduler, subwoofer and stereo support, room combine, and accessory self- heal.

AtlasIED Atmosphere 2.0 Firmware V2.0.13.179 Update

Particularly useful to hospitality, retail, and education facilities, this update allows for powerful audio control that can be easily tailored by the integrator and end-user for greater customer engagement, flexible usability, and enhanced ambiance. The platform consists of two signal processors, six accessories, two amplifiers, integrated control software, an impressive amount of features, a few patents, and a commitment that this is only the beginning for Atmosphere.

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About AtlasIED

AtlasIED is the combination of two widely recognized leaders in the commercial audio world, Atlas Sound and Innovative Electronic Designs (IED). Both companies have been collaborating for decades and have grown to be two of the most successful commercial audio manufacturers.

Atlas Sound has become the largest commercial audio provider spanning small businesses to the largest enterprises while Innovative Electronic Designs (IED) has been known as the leader in mass notification systems in airports, corporations, and government institutions. For 80+ years, both companies have been installed in more than one million businesses. In 2009, Atlas Sound and IED became sister companies operating independently with combined oversight at the executive management level. As technologies continued to integrate together, both organizations united forces. In 2015, Atlas Sound and IED combined our sales, marketing, and support teams. Today, AtlasIED provides better service to you and the various market segments that we serve.

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