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Assign Google Vault privileges based on organizational unit

Continuing with the flexibility theme, the Manage Exports and Manage Searches privileges in Google Vault can now be granted to a user for an entire organization, or only for specific OUs.

Your company can allow users in your domain to manage matters, place holds, create retention policies, or perform any other functions in Vault. Instead of granting full Vault management privileges to those users, your company can limit what they can do or view in Vault by granting them a subset of privileges.

As a Vault administrator, you should first consult with your company’s legal experts or business personnel to determine which users require which of the 8 Vault privileges. Then you must work with your domain’s Google Apps administrator to grant the appropriate privileges to those users. Granting privileges is performed by your Google Apps administrator in the Admin console, not in the Vault interface.

For example, you can assign a Vault administrator the Manage Searches privilege for your whole organization and the Manage Exports privilege for one OU. Privileges are still assigned in the Admin console by your Google Apps administrator.

Learn more about how to use this feature.

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