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Aspiration for Mobile Marketing in 2016

Exactly a year from now, what do marketing leaders hope to see emerge within the mobile marketing landscape? Nine members of MMA’s Board of Directors in Asia Pacific share with us their aspiration.

Dedicated investments in leadership and technology

By the end of 2016, I would like to see some real progression in tech adoption and we may need some big brands to taking action. This could be by embracing payment technology, or more widely adoption integration of existing technology like Apple Watch, or we might see a whole new player emerge. Personally I’d love to see a new Asian company come through and take the world by storm! – Cheuk Chiang CEO Asia Pacific, Omnicom Media Group, Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.

Wider spread, and more credentialed leadership around creative design and production on mobile. – Graham Christie, CEO, Big Mobile Group.

I’d like mobile marketing to support the notion of 1-on-1 addressability as its next evolutionary concept. This is largely unfulfilled, primarily because mobile consumers are not neither recognisable, nor targetable, individually, due to the lack of a primary identification mechanism (a role that cookies have fulfilled in the display world). – Anindya Datta, CEO, Mobilewalla.

Progress in measurement

In 2016, I’d like the industry to make progress on mobile asset qualify and get better at data management to allow fair attribution to mobile. Stronger mobile assets is an area we have to champion in 2016 so advertisers are able to extract the right value of mobile. I’m also looking forward to greater progress on measuring what we call “micro-moments”. – Praveen Sharma, Regional Director, Mobile Sales and Solutions, Google Asia Pacific.

We want advertisers to know that digital media can help them achieve their business objectives, and really count beyond the clicks and likes. For too long, the digital industry has been overly focused on clicks. – Dan Neary, Vice President, Asia Pacific, Facebook.

I will be glad to see mobile advertising measurement standards and guidelines developed and become more widely adopted by third party ad tracking service providers, mainstream mobile ad platforms and major publishers. – Joshua Lee, Founder and CEO, Madhouse, Inc.

Increase in mobile-led cross-platform campaigns

I would like to see marketers / brands and agencies stop treating and planning mobile in a silo. I would like to see mobile being integrated with all marketing effort and communication channels used in marketing and consumer engagement campaigns. – Bessie Lee, CEO, WPP China.

More “Mobile First” initiatives – if mobile has indeed the largest share of consumers’ time, I would like to see more campaigns and programmes that are mobile led and not just mobile supported. – Vishnu Mohan, CEO, Havas Media Group, Asia Pacific.

There should be more discussions about integrated campaigns across all media – on how advertisers spend across TV, Print, Outdoor, PC and Mobile. – Joe Nguyen, Vice President Sales Southeast Asia, comScore, Ins.

Source from Mobile Marketing Association

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