How Articulate Storyline Makes the Life Of E-learning Developers Easy

Built-in Customizable Player

Articulate Storyline comes with a built-in Player which has navigational controls, seek bar, menu, and place for glossary and resources. You can hide all the built-in controls and it is easy for anyone to customize the Player using Player properties.

Built-in Templates

Articulate Storyline brings built-in templates. You can either take advantage of the templates right away or you can save any of your project templates to reuse them later.

Built-in Quiz Templates

Quizzes and knowledge checks reinforce leaners’ comprehension of the learning. Articulate Storyline makes it very easy by providing built-in quiz templates. These are flexible enough to make your quizzes as simpler or advantaged as you like.

Freedom to Customize

With Articulate Storyline, you need not know even the basics of programming when you want to customize any particular component of the tool. With its built-in triggers and variables wizard, you can design your own functional player, customize the quizzes or interactivities according to your requirements.

Source from CommLab India