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Arrests Made in Connection with Keyless Entry Auto Theft Ring

Updated on 2022-10-18: Car hackers arrested

Europol said authorities in France, Spain, and Latvia have detained 31 suspects and dismantled a car thief ring that used malicious software to hijack key fobs and steal vehicles. Europol said the group used a special tool that targeted keyless vehicles from two French car manufacturers. The tool was marketed online as an automotive diagnostic solution, allowing owners to replace a car’s original software but also allowed to open doors and start the vehicle without the actual key fob. Europol said it detained the tool’s developers, resellers, and the car thieves who used it.

Updated on 2022-10-17: Arrests Made in Connection with Keyless Entry Auto Theft Ring

Law enforcement authorities in France, Spain, and Latvia has arrested more than 30 people in connection with a scheme to steal cars that use keyless entry and start technology. The thieves used a tool that is advertised as an automotive diagnostic solution to unlock and start the cars.


  • The arrests included not only the thieves, but also the software developers and resellers. The thieves replaced the original software in the vehicles, which allowed for remote start/unlock without the vehicle fob and to drive off the car without the engine stopping when the door was opened.



Authorities from Spain, Latvia, and France arrested 31 individuals, believed to be part of a criminal ring that hacked keyless cars. They also seized criminal assets worth over $10 million. Read more: Police dismantles criminal ring that hacked keyless cars



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