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Apple Releases New WatchOS to Prevent Battery Drainage

Whatever gadget it may be, when it comes to Apple, we can expect only excellence. And, there’s nothing wrong with high-expectations as Apple delivers the highest performance, incredible security parameters, along with the amazing user-friendly ambience. But, glitches might occur unintentionally. That’s what happened with the Apple Watch series.

Apple Releases New WatchOS to Prevent Battery Drainage

Apple Releases New WatchOS to Prevent Battery Drainage

Recently, Apple has launched Apple Watch Series 6. But, the crowd has complained about its fast-draining battery, irrespective of the Apple Watch Series. Here’s the important information and how to tackle the battery draining issues on your Apple Watch.

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What’s the Way Out: Know it from Apple?
Issues that Triggered the Release of watchOS 7.0.2 and 7.0.3
Probable Causes behind Swift Battery Drainage in Apple Watches
How to Fix Apple Watch’s Battery drainage Issues on your own?
Moreover, Switch to Power Reserve…

What’s the Way Out: Know it from Apple?

Apple is always committed to going through the matter, as soon as possible, whatever bothers their customers the most. And, this time, as well, was no exception. The authority confirmed to investigate the matter as complaints were getting submitted on their social handles and other digital platforms. Generally, customers encountered battery issues for ECG application in the watch.

However, Apple released successors to watchOS 7.0 to fix the bugs behind rapid battery drainage. The company released a press note on 12 October 2020 addressing the issues regarding the Apple Watch Series. Previously, the company had released another patch of watchOS 7.0 in September.

Apple Watch users can install the watchOS 7.0.2 for free through the Apple Watch application. Obviously, they have to initiate the installation on their iPhone. Just open the Settings and tap General. Then, head towards the Software Update option. But, there are certain terms and conditions for the success of the installation and connection with the Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch should possess at least fifty per cent of battery capacity before connecting to the iPhone. Otherwise, it won’t work even if you place the Apple Watch within the range of the iPhone. In case, it doesn’t work for your Apple Watch, contact Apple Repair Dubai.

However, watchOS 7.0.2 is available for all compatible Apple Watch Series. For example, Apple Watch Series 4, Series 5 and Series 6 belong to the category of Apple. Furthermore, Apple has clarified that this update won’t work for Apple Watch Series 1 or 2, that is, the first generation devices. And, the update is compatible with iOS 14 for a smooth downloading experience with iPhone.

Issues that Triggered the Release of watchOS 7.0.2 and 7.0.3

With the release of watchOS 7, several iPhone and Apple Watch users encountered issues rather than battery drainage. Some users alleged the Fitness application for losing the workout regime. While others complained, the Fitness application can’t finish loading on the Apple Watch. Moreover, the heart-rate and other fitness applications fail to show synchronization with the Apple Watch.

Even the outside noise started affecting the audio quality of the connected headphones. And, the activity application reportedly alarms the user about continuous data downloading on the Apple Watch. That’s why Apple considered no delay in launching the new watchOS 7.0.2 and 7.0.3 updates.

Probable Causes behind Swift Battery Drainage in Apple Watches

Apart from the usage of the ECG app on the Apple Watch, there are numerous reported reasons behind such rapid battery drainage. Take care of the following reasons and make sure that you aren’t responsible for the tragedy:

  • Watch display stays active all-day.
  • Controlling music applications through Apple Watch
  • Enabled notifications for every alert
  • Exercise mode keeps active.
  • Too much background apps are still running.
  • Cellular radios are active.
  • Consistent Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity

How to Fix Apple Watch’s Battery drainage Issues on your own?

If you have installed the watchOS update for your Apple Watch, but it does not meet your expectations? Then, there are some simple hacks available. These hacks would help you to maintain the battery discharging of the Watch uniform. Let’s get started.

Let the Watch Catch up with the Update
Generally, the Apple Watch needs a definite period of time to adjust with the recent updates. The updates make the processors, display and everything else busy while installing or running in the background. That’s why the battery degrades naturally. Wait for a while and keep an eye over the Watch performance. If nothing improves with the battery drainage, consider Apple Repair Dubai.

Don’t Keep the Display Always Lit.
Are you availing more from the Theatre mode? It’s good to use all the new features of Apple Watch, such as lucrative watch faces and workout options. But, excessive exploring about such features would keep the display active for a second. And, undoubtedly, the battery degrades.

So, monitor the battery percentage of your Apple Watch, and then decide to use the features. Otherwise, put your Apple Watch aside for a considerable duration such as an hour or two. Check if the battery drainage rate reaches an acceptable level.

Reboot the Device
For any electronic device, reboot offers the quickest solution for the ongoing nuisance. Get rid of unnecessary battery discharging with the following formula:

  • Hold the side button and the digital crown on the Apple Watch.
  • Release them once the Apple sign appears on display.
  • Please wait till the watch arranges everything for itself.

Proceed to Pair Again
To confirm that synchronization issues don’t lead to battery drainage, you have to pair the Apple Watch with iPhone again. Here’s how you can unpair the devices:

  • Explore the Watch application on your iPhone.
  • Select your paired Apple Watch from the list.
  • Next, press the info icon. And, go for the Unpair option.
  • Confirm your action by tapping the prompt message.

This is not the end; now, you have to pair the Apple Watch again.

Keep the Watch Face Minimal
We know that attractive watch faces with interesting emojis and graphics might tempt you, but it would be wiser if you keep the display optimized. More emphasis on the display features cost more battery. If you are tired of the battery drainage issue, then a simple black screen would do the miracle, we presume.

Disable Not so Important Notifications
The enabled push notifications make the display lit. Besides this, they also use Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other amenities to pass the message to your concern. If you are on vacation or resting at your place, you can put the push notifications out. So, it doesn’t bother your Apple Watch’s battery.

Moreover, Switch to Power Reserve…

When you are on your way and forget the charger, to charge the devices, you have to make the Apple Watch’s battery last until you reach your place. So, opt for Power Reserve mode to ensure minimum power consumption. And, do check out the watchOS 7.0.2 installation and put away all your worries related to battery life.

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