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What Apple, Facebook and Google Know About You

What does Facebook know about you?

The US Government / NSA had been spying on pretty much everyone. But did you know they don’t even need to look very hard to get more information about you?

The standard stuff you provide them including name, city of birth, city of residence, phone, email, current employment, relationship, anniversary, previous relationships, previous names (aliases), screen names, address book, family members, birthday, religious views, address and much more……

Facebook knows where you’re browsing the web and what you’re doing on your mobile phone.

The Facebook Like button tracks you.

The Facebook Apps know who you’re talking to, what you’re writing, your pictures and where you are.

What does Apple know about you?

Name, address, email, credit card info, etc……

Non-personal information collected anonymously including customer’s jobs, real-time location, habits, etc…… Apple has free reign to share, sell or store it any way they want.

Knows the page you go to in the Safari browser.

Uses cookies to track user activity for advertising and marketing

Knows your shopping habits in the Apple Store.

Things you say will be recorded and sent to Apple to be converted into text so Siri can process your request. Your device sends Apple your “User Data” such as your first name, nickname; the Names, Nicknames, and Relationship with you of your address book contacts; and song names in your collection.

Real-time Location Tracking
Apple collects and stores as much as 12 years worth of geodata on devices, unencrypted. Smartphones regularly transmit user locations back to Apple. Apple assures users of anonymous location data. Apple’s new technology can adaptively track a user’s location and use it to control other devices.

* Apple gathers up about as much personal info on users like any other big tech company.

* Apple may know everything about you, but it doesn’t know you’re you.

What does Google know about you?

If you have location history turned on, Google will track where you go.

If you have search history turned on, Google will track your search in a bunch of different categories: web, images, news, shopping, ads, videos, maps, etc.

Google knows how you’re feeling and if you’re sick, just based on your queries. It knows what type of porn you like to watch, and a whole lot more. Google might be the keeper of our darkest secrets.

Hourly, daily, monthly search activities
Top clicks, top queries, top websites

Google has data about you including your age, gender, languages you speak, and predicts your interests then used to give you interest-based ads.

Google keeps track of the devices you use, and when you were last active on them.

Google keeps track of how many emails you’ve sent, how many contacts you have, how many documents you have, and how many you’ve shared, the number of your gmail conversations, etc.

Google keeps track of your Google talk contacts and Google Wallet purchases.

Google keeps track of what apps / devices use your info.

What Apple, Facebook and Google Know About You

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