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How Antivirus Can Protect Your Identity

We are living in the most exciting times when everything you need can be found within several clicks and accessed in a matter of seconds. Unfortunately, your identity can be as well found on the deeper layers of the Internet without your knowledge. While we might ask ourselves, for instance, how good is Kaspersky protection, we must ask how AV-solution can help us to protect our identity from stealth? What exactly AV-solutions deal with these types of threats or malware is somehow associated with identity and data breaches? Let’s see together how AV-solution can save you a bit of time, and in what cases, you should be alerted that your identity was compromised.

How Antivirus Can Protect Your Identity

Table of contents

How to Tell If Your Identity Was Stolen?
How Could This Have Happened?
Basic Guidelines for Protecting Your Computer and Data Integrity
How Exactly Does Antivirus Help Me?
What to Do If Your Identity Was Stolen?

How to Tell If Your Identity Was Stolen?

Identity theft is not a plague of the twenty-first century, but it is significantly advanced in stealth methods. Once criminals have your data, they can use your credit cards, bank accounts, or sign up for insurance you never asked for. How to tell if your identity might have been compromised?

  • You don’t remember specific transactions on your credit card or bank account.
  • You receive a rejection for loans without reasoning about the decision (it is actually up for merchants not to disclose details, but the rejection itself might be a sign).
  • You receive strange notifications about insurance and bills from insurance companies.
  • You receive notification about a tax return form being filled on your behalf.
  • Debt collectors try to force you to give back the loans you took.

How Could This Have Happened?

  • Someone stole your wallet or purse (backpack, anything on this matter) with your ID, credit cards, or bank information details. It is important not to carry all significant information around but hold it in one secure place.
  • As childish as it may sound, some thieves may get your documents from your dumpster – bills, statements, everything that has information about you will do.
  • Someone got access to your email via malware or direct attack, obtaining your bills details, statements, credit, or tax information.
  • Your social media can also be compromised, and names, emails, and other details can be leaked.

Basic Guidelines for Protecting Your Computer and Data Integrity

  1. Keep your OS updated: it is one of the most obvious pieces of advice, but system updates are essential for the OS to operate properly. It is better to update and check all your applications, delete the programs that are not used, and check what information you agree to share when using the app.
  2. Antivirus software: this program not only keeps you safe from malware that destroys computer storage or messes with your programs. It also should provide a baseline browser and network protection, so you avoid clicking on infected links or sharing harmful software further. The vast majority of malware involves harvesting and stealth of user credentials and data.
  3. Secure WiFi connections: the most breaches happen because of unprotected WiFi and ethernet connections. It is important to shield yourself from hackers and other malware that can be transferred in this way.
  4. A strong password: is a key aspect that will keep criminals away.

All these points can help protect your OS and data integrity.

How Exactly Does Antivirus Help Me?

The antivirus is a gatekeeper that protects you from malware that captures and harvests all your user data and credentials. From covering online browsing to protecting WiFi connection, antivirus is an essential part of one’s digital ecosystem. There are moments when it is hard to spot the threat with a bare eye, and you need an antivirus.

Your passwords can also be managed via the Password Manager feature available at most AV-product packages, keeping you safe from criminals unlocking your accounts. Every email and website will be scanned before you agree on anything or even enter the platform. That’s one of the most common ways to keep yourself from an ID stealth situation.

What to Do If Your Identity Was Stolen?

First of all, run a malware scan with your antivirus and spot the threat. Maybe it was malware harvesting your data and scans, maybe it was a direct attack, or theft occurred while you browsed online, and now you are a happy owner of a malicious program that keeps leaking your data.

Secondly, call your bank and freeze all your accounts before criminals drain it empty. If possible, notify all necessary establishments about the incident.

The process of document recovery and clarifications with already opened loans on your behalf may be tiresome, but stay calm and keep going. You should create an identity theft report for the Federal Trade Commission, and police report, the rest will require some time for processing.

Usually, police and the FTC give you the following steps on the matter, but you also might contact your legal representative for advice. Remember that all situations can be managed and stay safe with AV-software and other means of your identity protection.

We are living in the most exciting times when everything you need can be found within several clicks and accessed in a matter of seconds.While antivirus software plays a crucial role in protecting your identity, it is also important to consider the legal structure of your business to ensure adequate protection from potential risks, such as creating a Georgia LLC for those based in that state.

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