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Announcement of Windows Hardware Engineering Community WinHEC

WinHEC will no longer be an annual event but a series of small conferences and workshops that will be organized more frequently according to the needs of the different countries where they will be staged. The announcement was made on the official Windows blog by Microsoft official Matt Perry.

The change in WinHEC’s purpose is reflected by the change in name. While WinHEC previously stood for Windows Hardware Engineering Conference, the new WinHEC will now stand for Windows Hardware Engineering Community.

“WinHEC will bring the hardware engineering community together in one place, providing a unique opportunity to interact with technical and business experts from Microsoft, other partners, and customers, facilitating exchange of ideas, best practices, and opportunities,” wrote Perry.

According to Perry, the conferences will include executive keynotes, highly technical training classes, hands-on demonstrations and Q&A sessions, all of which will be focused on implementing Windows in hardware.

The new WinHEC conference will be targeting the executives of the hardware partner companies as attendees, along with engineering and technical product representatives that are looking to do more with the technologies presented by Windows.

The first of the new WinHEC conferences will be in Shenzhen, China, on March 18-19. The conferences that will be staged there will cater to the needs of the various electrical design, system integration, software engineering and hardware manufacturing companies located in the country.

Source: Announcing the return of WinHEC

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