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Announcement: Announcing NEW Microsoft Compliance Partner Workshops

Microsoft proud to announce the first release of NEW compliance partner workshops that are designed to help you work with customers to improve their compliance posture by activating the Microsoft Purview solutions and capabilities they already own.

The Protect and Govern Sensitive Data Activator and Mitigate Compliance and Privacy Risks Activator were developed by the same Microsoft Compliance experts. They are designed to help you carry on (or reinitiate) conversations to help jumpstart the scale-up and scale-out of Microsoft Purview solutions and capabilities at your customer.

The new workshops are a companion to the existing Partner Build-Intent workshops, which assist partners in having conversations about how Microsoft Purview can help them mitigate the risks of dark data, insider risks, and lack of visibility into compliance and privacy posture in their organizations.

Using real-world scenarios, hands-on learning, and your customer’s own business requirements and data handling habits, partners can use these new workshops to help customers implement foundational data protection practices and establish or enhance existing risk management and data discovery processes, with the tools and capabilities offered by Microsoft Purview.

Workshop highlights include:

  • Use the Microsoft Purview tools and services your customers already own.
  • Quantitative and qualitative analysis tools to develop a better picture of your customers’ current compliance state and needs.
  • Expert-developed workshop scenarios provide insights into (risky) user behavior and help mitigate, and control identified risks.
  • Leave your customer in a better place and define the next steps towards organization-wide data protection and data governance.
  • Help improve your customers privacy and compliance posture.

Whether you are just getting started with your customers on their compliance journeys or have established patterns and practices, the workshops present an opportunity to (re)introduce your customers to the key scenarios that Microsoft Purview can help them solve.

Although we are having conversations around many of the same products (MIP, DLP, IRM, Compliance Manager, eDiscovery etc.) the workshop approach, scenarios and the supporting content are new and unique for the usage workshops (Compliance Manager being the exception).

The sales workshops were designed with the premise that they would not be visible to the end users and could be fully removed at the end of the workshop if the customer desired (since although we would like them to, they may not always move forward). We aimed to support the upsell conversation with our mutual customers.

The usage workshops are developed to leave the customer in a better place from when the workshop started. We want partners to help the organization with making users aware of when they are working with potentially sensitive data or provide the customer with the right knowledge on how to properly detect and respond to insider risks or data discovery requests. The goal here is to help customers deploy and adopt the tools they already own.

Depending on your customer and where they are in their cloud journey, and who the primary stakeholders are both pre- and post-sale, both the sales and usage workshops may be applicable with the intent to help you as a partner get to that broad rollout (and the supporting services) sooner.

I hope you find these NEW workshops useful in your customer engagements. Nominate your customers and download the most recent delivery kits here.

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