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Android Wear 1.3 Released and Update News

Android Wear version 1.3 released with interactive watch face functionality officially. Another new feature with Android Wear 1.3 is “Together” which allows two paired of Android Wear to easily share messages, emojis and photos. LG G Watch R owners getting WiFi support to Android Wear with this 1.3 update.

31 Aug, 2015 – Google has announced that Android Wear now works with iPhone. Android Wear allows you to get notifications at a glance, track workouts and fitness goals, and custom reminders. Android Wear on the iPhone is only supported by the LG Watch Urbane currently, but it will also be supported by all subsequent Android Wear watches including upcoming models from Huawei, ASUS, and Motorola. Additionally, you’ll need an iPhone 5, 5c, 5s, 6, or 6 Plus running iOS 8.2 or later. More info at Google Official Blog: Android Wear now works with iPhones

30 Aug, 2015 – Huawei teases its Android Wear watch for IFA conference

27 Aug, 2015 – Android Wear 1.3 LCA43 / LCA44B OTA Update
Motorola Moto 360: metallica LCA44B from LDZ22O
LG G Watch: platina LCA43 from LDZ22D
LG G Watch R: lenok LCA44B from LDZ22D
LG Watch Urbane: bass LCA44B from LDZ22D
Samsung Gear Live: sprat LCA43 from LDZ22J
Sony SmartWatch 3: tetra LCA43 from LDZ22D
Asus ZenWatch: anthias LCA43 from LDZ21T

20 Aug, 2015 – Interactive watch face API has just been released, enabled by using below script:
setWatchFaceStyle(new WatchFaceStyle.Builder(mService)
// other style customizations

Interactive watch faces is not only to add animation but to provide at-a-glance experience such as easily to be connected and be reminded of important information like messages, step count or next item on calendar.

Android Developer Blog: Interactive watch faces with the latest Android Wear update
Android Official Blog: Android Wear: Stay connected with interactive watch faces

21 Aug, 2015 – Google Translate now available on Android Wear with 1.3 update, covers 44 languages to identify spoken languages and then translation can be read on the Android Wear’s screen with simple flip of the wrist.

Source: Google Translate Blog: Watch your language! 44 of them, actually.



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