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Amnesty International hack

Updated on 2022-12-06: Amnesty International hack

A Chinese APT group has breached the network of the Canadian branch of Amnesty International, the organization said on Monday. The breach was discovered in early October and was investigated and confirmed with the help of cybersecurity firm Secureworks. Speaking to reporters, Amnesty International said the hackers searched for information on China, Hong Kong, and prominent Chinese activists. The organization said there found no evidence to suggest that Chinese hackers stole information on its donors and members. In August, threat intelligence firm Recorded Future warned that a Chinese APT named RedAlpha was registering lookalike domain names impersonating various human rights organizations, including Amnesty International. Read more:


Amnesty International Canada confirmed suffering a cyberattack by a Chinese state-sponsored threat actor, leaving the organization offline for three weeks. Read more: Amnesty International Canada Says It Was Hacked by Beijing

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