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Amazon introduces Christmas Countdown skill to Alexa with Christmas related Interactive

Amazon introduced new skill to alexa called Christmas Countdown which included three Christmas stories from Santa when users ask “how many sleeps until Christmas?” or “Alexa, tell me a Christmas story”, virtual assistant sing Christmas songs and different question each day asked to boost interaction. This visual aspects will also appear when Christmas Countdown is used on compatible Amazon Echo smart speaker devices including Echo Show, Echo Spot and on Fire TV.

Amazon Echo smart speaker devices – the Echo Show and Echo Spot

Amazon Echo smart speaker devices – the Echo Show and Echo Spot

Amazon mentioned that other Christmas related commands also added to Alexa such as “Alexa, sing me a Christmas song” to hear her sing a short excerpt from a classic Christmas song. Asking Alexa to open the advent calendar will also prompt a different response each day such as trivia, songs and jokes.

Users can even ask the assistant what she believes is the best Christmas movie – something likely to spark debate among those who hear it.

At the Old Billinsgate Fish Market, Amazon was showing its Alexa-controlled home, including Alexa controlled Christmas decorations (of course) and the latest smart devices including the Echo Spot in the bedroom and Echo Show in the bedroom.

Source: Tech Digest: Amazon introduces Christmas Countdown feature to Alexa – including Santa stories!



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