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AireBeam selected NeoNova for cloud, network and video services

NeoNova announced that AireBeam Broadband selected NeoNova for upgrades to its network management abilities, residential email offering and product lineup. It represents the first exclusively Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) customer for NeoNova.
AireBeam’s broadband subscribers will now access their email via the Pronto! Web interface or NeoNova’s proprietary App Portal , and they can continue to use the email client of their choice. Additionally, AireBeam will work with the NeoNova YourStream TV development team to create a custom Roku channel that will give subscribers convenient and cost-effective access to live, local TV channels.

AireBeam will implement the Google Apps for Business™ suite of communication tools for its employees along with NovaDesk for 24×7 customer support, and NovaAdmin for integrated subscriber management.

“AireBeam Broadband is a progressive company that is doing some exciting things in the world of wireless broadband,”

said Chris Benyo, vice president of sales and marketing, NeoNova. “We’re thrilled to be a part of their efforts to grow their business and introduce new products.”

Source: AireBeam taps NeoNova for cloud, network and video services

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