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Adobe Scan for iOS and Android with OCR to Create Smart PDF

Adobe launched Adobe Scan mobile app for iOS and Android for free but need to login Adobe ID after install. Adobe Scan app lets users capture documents using smartphones or tablets, together with built-in Optical Character Reader (OCR) function convert the image to smart PDF format that can be shared or stored in Adobe Document Cloud.

The launch of Adobe Scan represents a radical reimagination of how to capture the world around us in ways that only Adobe can deliver. Adobe invented PDF creation for PCs and with Scan, we are doing the same for a mobile-first users around the world,

Kulmeet Bawa, Managing Director, South Asia, Adobe, said in a statement.

  • Capture: Automatically snap to scan with advanced image technology from Adobe, just make sure you have enough light to actually read the text.
  • Adjust: Easily preview, reorder, enhance, crop, switch colour scheme, delete or rotate to fine-tune your scan.
  • Convert: Automagically transform your scan into a smart PDF.
  • Additional: With subscription to Acrobat Document Cloud, you can edit, export to Word, share via email or access link and send for signature using browser or using Adobe Reader mobile app.

Adobe Scan represents a radical re-imagination of how to capture your most important document content,

said Bryan Lamkin, Adobe’s executive VP and general manager for digital media.

Adobe Scan, powered by Adobe Sensei‘s intelligent services, represents a critical step toward our broader innovation imperative for Adobe Document Cloud.

Abhay Parasnis, the Chief Technology Officer at Adobe said.


Source: Adobe Document Cloud: Introducing Adobe Scan

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