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Adobe – From Content Management to Customer Experience Management

Content Management Matters!
– 27% of marketers say that managing a website is HELL! and only 38% believe their CMS ficilitates a brand-enhancing digital presence.

What do marketers want from their CMS?
– According to Client-side respondents, 87% expect a CMS to improve customer engagement.
– Delivery levels for this are only 23%.
– 78% client-side and 74% agency says that CMS should help to build the brand through positive experiences.
– But just 29% think their system is good at this.

Mobile: The challenge and opportunity
– 70% say providing optimal experiences across all screens and devices is a major challenge.
– Just 11% believe they are currently “mobile-first organisations”.
– When asked which one feature they would add to their CMS right now, 33% mobile website / responsive design.

Effectiveness is tired to integration
– 94% say it’s important to tie content management together with the ability to measure performance on site

Marketers who rate CMS integration with core platforms and tech as “excellent”:
– 11% web / mobile analytics
– 9% personalisation
– 8% Ecommerce Platform
– 6% CRM
Integration is key to success but the tech is lagging.

What matters when choosing a CMS?
43% Said “ease of use” and “content authoring and management capabilities” were their top priorities.
– User friendliness was rated as more important than technical features.

Making WCM Social
Many CMS platforms lack social media capabilities
– Only 54% provide social plug-ins
– 27% No social capability
– and just 20% provide personalized content based on social profiles.
– 63%: “Managing and measuring social activity within our current CMS is difficult”

Who chooses the CMS?
– Marketing: 27% Agency respondents; 26% Client-side respondents
– IT Department: 26% Agency respondents; 32% Client-side respondents

Marketers need to take control
IT departments still often make the final decision on which web content management system to implement, and yet marketing departments are most commonly responsible for content management and customer experience.

How is ROI from a CMS measured?
– 46% improved engagement
– 38% increased web traffic
– 36% shorter publishing cycle
– 30% improved conversions
– 20% don’t measure ROI!

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