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Accenture Mobility Insights Report 2014

Accenture surveyed nearly 1,500 C’level executives in 10 industries and 14 countries around the world, to explore how companies are applying digital technologies – especially mobility – to improve their organizations.

At a Glance
Investment in digital technologies is seen as a strategic investment
– 77% have mobility in their top 5 priorities, 43% in their top two.
– 87% have a formal mobility strategy at enterprise or unit level.
– At 35% of companies the CEO is involved in mobility strategy.

Initiatives most likely to receive budget:
– 44% Opening up new sales or marketing channels.
– 43% Driving revenue through transactions on mobile devices.
– 39% Driving revenue through customer engagement on mobile devices.
– 39% Improving field service/customer service delivery.

Strategic, organizational and operational challenges have made it difficult for companies to take full advantage of mobility’s promise.
– Only 10% have experienced a ROI of 100% or more.
– 85% do not have metrics to measure mobility effectiveness.
– 7 in 10 struggle to keep pace with new mobile devices and systems.

Mobility Leaders
Leaders consider the full range of digital: Mobility, Analytic, Connected Products, Cloud and Social to be among their top five priorities.
– 69% have effectively adopted and deployed mobile technologies.
– 54% have a formal enterprise-wide mobility strategy.
– 52% use this strategy to inform their mobile investments.

Read the research report Mobility Research 2014: Fueling the Digital Surge

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