8 Mobile Learning Design Considerations

Ergonomics of the Design: Consider how people hold their devices, placing content for optimum usability.

Content Creation: Rework desktop eLearning content and images to optimise for smaller screens.

Microlearning: Break the content down in to manageable chunks to satisfy the need for just-in-time learning.

Size of content: Streamline your content to ensure minimal download times.

Online Safety / Security Considerations: Consider security features at the design stage, including rules of engagement for staff.

Accommodate Differing Learning Styles: Engage learners by using a variety of mobile-friendly formats e.g. video, podcasts.

Device Choices: Agree a device strategy to determine if adaptive or responsive design is required.

Test, Test and Test again: Create a beta test group and ensure completion of a full testing script before launch.

Source from eCom Scotland