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8 Cyber Security Commandments that all workers should follow

8 Cyber Security commandments issued by CompTIA to outline not just cyber security tips but also reasons for each of them as revealed in survey of 1200 organizations. Keeping up with cybersecurity can feel like a full-time job. The technology we use every day is constantly evolving nd it seems as if the bad guys are always finding a way in. However, despite all the news of data breaches and cyber attacks we’ve seen, evidence suggests that end users aren’t adequately taking charge of their own IT security.

8 Cyber Security Commandments that all workers should follow

8 Cyber Security Commandments that all workers should follow

CompTIA commissioned online survey of 1,200 full-time U.S. employees about their cybersecurity and technology use habits. Simultaneously, CompTIA commissioned a social experiment to more directly observe the behaviours of consumers in real-world settings. CompTIA found that most employees lack the needed training to develop safe cybersecurity habits and therefore end up making unsecure technology decisions.

Avoid doing secure work on unsecure wi-fi networks: Almost everyone connects their device or laptop to public wi-fi networks. But plenty use these unsecured networks for online banking (45%), accessing work documents (60%) and work emails (78.5%).

Never mix work and personal logins: 36% use their work email and 38% use work passwords for personal accounts.

Stay away from random USB: 17% of employees picked up a random USB stick found in public and plugged it into their device.

Don’t recycle your login credentials: 49% of workers maintain at least 10 logins and 34% have at least 10 unique logins.

Don’t procrastinate with operating system updates: 11% irregularly install OS updates (if at all) on their work computer. 14% treat OS updates for their personal computers the same way.

Always choose two-factor authentication: 52% don’t voluntarily apply two-factor authentication (requiring a password and another form of authentication) to their online accounts.

Change password regularly: 37% only change their work passwords annually or sporadically. 54% take the same approach to refreshing their personal passwords.

Take advantage of cybersecurity training: 45% don’t receive any form of cybersecurity training from their employers.

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