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8 Benefits of Mobile Field Service Management Software

You have probably heard of the mobile Field Service Management Software (FSMS). Perhaps you have stumbled on the phrase while googling for an efficient management solution or someone has told you of how efficient it is, so now you want to find out and learn more about it.

The fundamentals of Field Service Management Software was a solution developed to help service companies in the field of telecommunication, fire protection, information technology and others organise their business, improve their productivity and manage their time more effectively.

Mobile FSMS systems are designed to improve the flow of a business’ job lifecycle and equip field organisations with the necessary tools to succeed in their trade.

Generally, mobile Field Service Management Software has the following features:

  • Invoicing
  • Service history
  • Inventory management
  • Scheduling
  • Accounting Integration via QuickBooks, MYOB, Reckon Accounts and Xero
  • Equipment management
  • Asset management
  • Worker time management
  • Field staff diary
  • Self-service customer web portal

With these features in mind, a mobile FSMS system can largely benefit a wide range of businesses from different industries.

Benefits of Mobile FSMS

Allow Customer and Equipment Data Access in Real-Time

In order to handle the best service request, part of mobile field service management involves ensuring that remote technicians have real-time direct access to crucial consumer data.

With an FSMS system, businesses are introduced to dispatch software that provides client contact details, service histories, and other information necessary to complete the task.

And because the FSMS has an equipment management feature, technicians are able to view notes regarding model numbers and specific equipment, making sure they have all the information necessary for them to close the ticket in a single visit.

Increases Work Order Completion Rate

Mobile FSMS aims to meet the consumer needs and solve the main issue dealt by the field service companies on a regular basic.

Through FSMS’s scheduling functionality, the needs of the customers can be met with greater quality and speed, saving both the company and the client’s time and money.

The used of scheduling feature for the creation of work orders were sent to technicians in real-time based on their proximity, availability, level of expertise, and urgency of the service request. Field Aware noted that the rate of work order completion increases by 20 percent.

Takes Route Planning to a Whole New Level

The scheduling software of an FSMS system helps improve route planning and coordination by offering to organise service requests by location, keeping the technician’s minimum travel time and reducing fuel costs and vehicle wear and tear expenses.

With precise scheduling, more time can be allocated for high-priority or last-minute service requests, A more advanced FSMS included a GPS optimisation feature for the technicians to map the most ideal route to avoid heavy traffic.

Easy Management of Complex Inventory

Utility enterprises save significant amount of worker time by using mobile FSMS as it automatically creates reports for reorder and stock usage, and generated multiple orders to different suppliers.

With mobile FSMS, problems and issues are also easily identified and stocks movement can be regularly audit trailed.

In addition, the inventory management functionality allows utility enterprises to import supplier price lists, and manage price breaks, levels and markups.

Businesses can monitor stock and non-stock materials or items; track the levels of vehicle or warehouse stock, as well as “set reorder points and minimum levels” easily.

Avoid Non-billable Tasks

Among the many benefits of the of the software’s scheduling functionality is the “increased visibility in the progress of each work order.”

The software efficiently tracks word orders, utility enterprises can assign new assignments in real time and eliminate the technician’s tendency to do tasks that are not billable if they current tasks are completed early.

It also avoids technicians from padding their time sheets, thus helping the company achieve optimal productivity levels.

Identify Work Trends and Workflow Patterns

Plenty of Field Service Management Software comes with reporting tools. These tools cover business aspects including productivity, KPI, and profitability, and help the enterprise field service management identify and analyse workflow patterns and trends.

The software’s reporting feature makes any work trend or technician productivity pattern apparent so that utility enterprises can prepare field personnel for hectic days. With this feature, the company can also monitor inefficient technicians and weed were out those who were not meeting the standards of the organisation.

Bonus: Some management software allows utility enterprises to view, print, export or email reports as well as customise or tweak any report exactly as they want it.

Improved Efficiency and Less Downtime

Features like automatic invoicing, and drag and drop scheduling help dispatchers make paper tasks simple and easy to accomplish.

Moreover, managers and dispatchers do not have to wait for or call technicians to collect work orders, diminishing the down time of office pick up.

The automatic schedule reminders also offer managers some peace of mind knowing that the technicians will not miss any service request.

Customer Satisfaction

Mobile FSMS business users benefited in numerous ways. First, late invoicing are prevented because enterprise can generate accurate and timely invoices.

Second, consumers can view detailed information of the task, including the breakdown of pricing. And since the software includes a customer portal, clients can easily schedule service requests online without the need to call.

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