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7 Tips to Secure Mobile Network

To ensure that your network is secure for BYOD (bring your own device), you need a combination of the right security, management and controls in place. Here are seven tips to integrate into your mobile security policy:

  • Add security measures to your wireless network. Having a password or a security key helps keep unauthorized smartphones from accessing your wireless connection. You should also utilize encryption technology to protect the information transmitted through your network.
  • Put a pin or password on it. Employees who use mobile devices for business may carry sensitive company information on their phones. If the phone falls into the wrong hands, a pin or passcode is the first line of defense. Encourage users to create a strong password and program it to lock within five minutes.
  • Examine app permissions. While apps have to ask for access to many features on your device, many users don’t examine these permissions carefully so malicious app developers find it simple to persuade users that they should grant unnecessary permissions. Educate your users about examining these app permissions before granting access.
  • Regulate apps accessed on the network. If an application has a weakness, the app is easier to hack and it poses a threat to an organization’s security. Protect your company by developing a policy item to determine which apps can be downloaded or accessed via the corporate network.
  • Lose it, lock it, wipe it. Download an app on your mobile devices that allows you and your employees to lock and wipe a phone in the case of theft or loss. Keep out prying eyes by remotely locking your device. If your phone is gone for good, wipe your data including contacts, text messages, photos, email, browser history and user accounts (like Facebook, Twitter and Google).
  • Update, update, update. Make sure that employees get in the habit of updating apps as soon as they are prompted to. Software updates can include fixes to new vulnerabilities and exploited security gaps.
  • Don’t let mobile security be your blind spot. With so much personal data on our devices and mobile malware on the rise, our mobile now needs the same attention given to PC protection.

Source: 7 Security Tips To Protect Your Mobile Workforce

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