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7 Principles of Social Design and how to make content shareable

Value Exchange
Understand why audience values rather than assuming they have an innate fascination in your brand talking about itself.

Disruptive Ideas
We stop to notice ideas or concepts that challenge our understanding of the way the world works.

Great Story
So many of our decisions are based upon emotional drivers, not the rational features and benefits of the latest widget. Great stories are not only dramatics, they are also emotional.

Fresh Interest
People want news they can share around the vending machine at work or via their Twitter handle.

Social Proof
When we see others doing something, we are often more apt to make that same choice ourselves.

Creative Participation
I wrote a chapter in the ebook. Since I participated and was able to be highly creative – the were my words and thoughts – I am now far more likely to pass that content along.

Simple Advocacy
When we make it simple and the actually ask people to share, they are more likely to do so.

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