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7 Ideas for Upgrading to Better Call to Action (CTA)

In marketing, the call to action (CTA) is the part of advertisement or landing page that asks visitor to take the next step. The right CTA can make people do things in a way that even the most persuasive long-form copy cannot. Crafting a strong CTA is part art, part science. In today’s post, we’ll be concerning ourselves with the science part by examining 7 ideas for creating more compelling CTAs based on the results of real A/B tests.

  1. If CTAs feature “Your,” try switching it up and using “My” instead, which resulted in a 90% increase in click-through rate.
  2. Adding CTA button to the banner increased conversion rates from the homepage by 250%.
  3. The inclusion of trust signal such as “we will never spam you” actually resulted in a decrease in conversions of almost 19%.
  4. Offer Information, Not ‘Quotes’. CTA button copy reads “Get a Quote”, but also explains that it’s free and takes just five seconds, preemptively overcoming two of the most common objections to the quote process, namely financial burden and time commitment.
  5. Think about what your prospects really want from you – help, advice, excitement – and tailor the phrasing of CTAs to appeal to these needs.
  6. Consider testing whether it would be more effective to focus on the benefits of your offering rather than how little prospects have to lose by trying it out.
  7. You can achieve a similarly compelling result without explicitly using “I want to…” in your copy by applying the “I want to…” principle to your CTA buttons.

Source from WordStream: 7 Ideas for Upgrading Your Call to Action

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