6 Tips to Launch Your mCommerce Business

Recent research shows how major retailers improve their customers’ mobile shopping experience. 6 Tips to Launch Your mCommerce Business share data that can help your mobile conversions soar.

– By 2017, 25% of ecommerce sales will be generated with mobile devices.
– In 2013, mobile commerce sales will reach nearly $39B.
– 76% of consumers access information about local stores via their smartphone.

Tip #1: Deliver the cross-channel services customers demand by using a comprehensive store locator and offering in-store pick-up for items.

– 58% of e-retailers embed scanners into their app, so consumers can add items to wish lists and carts while in the store.
– 60% of e-retailers use slide shows as an effective way to convey promotional and merchandising strategies.

Tip #2: Balance your eCommerce site and mobile site/app by offering consistent merchandise and promotional offers.

Search for a product
– Top e-retailers make finding products easier.
– 92% have search on every page
– 44% use typeahead
– 44% use “view all”
– 78% use “refine results”

Tip #3: Use faceted navigation and typeahead technology to ensure quick browsing between categories and products.

Research a product:
– 75% of shoppers research products 50% of the time.
– 73% have increased their use of smartphones for research significantly or somewhat since 2012.

Tip #4: Select necessary information from your eCommerce site to use on your mobile site/app for a consistent mobile experience.

Buy a product:
– 98% of merchants pre-populate fields with customer information.
– Only 40% pf merchants have one-click/fast checkout available on mCommerce.

Tip #5: Limit frustration and abandoned carts by providing as few checkout steps as possible and accepting multiple forms of payment.

Customer service:
– 84% of mCommerce sites have a dedicated customer service area/FAQ.
– Only 65% of sites have the customer service number on their hope page.

Tip #6: Organize customer service information and make it accessible throughout the site with clickable links, so consumers can get answers fast.