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6 Strategies to Drive Mobile App Engagement

How do I get my mobile apps in great engagement with users?

Use Guidance

  • Guide users on the app’s main features with an image carousel.
  • Include a welcome message when a new app version is released.
  • Take your users directly to the relevant screen on your app by using deep-linking.


  • Engage with them by announcing special offers with an interstitial image.
  • Include a friendly tutorial with a video message.
  • Make use of banner images and in-app messages to interact with users.


  • Maximize your conversions through user re-targeting by sending cart reminders and push notifications.
  • Include coupon offers with a link to the relevant app screen.
  • Mobile-specific rewards and special promotions help drive conversions.

Acquiring Users

  • Invite users to rate your app.
  • Cross-promote other apps by suggesting them to users.
  • Provide users with an incentive to share your app.

UI Modification

  • Occasionally change your app’s theme to provide a seasonal flavor to the app.
  • Use text changes to reflect any new app offerings.
  • Changing app images to drive better engagement.

Core Engagement

  • Re-engage dormant users with limited-time offers.
  • Encourage users to upgrade the app versions.
  • Reward power users with special offers/discounts.
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