6 Steps for How to Create Simple Knowledge Base that Empowers Customers

A knowledge base is part of your website dedicated to helping answer questions and learn. It may include:

  • A frequently asked questions (FAQs) section.
  • Forums for users to ask and answer questions.
  • Articles, whitepapers, case studies and other helpful content.
  • Troubleshooting and how-to sections.
  • A dictionary with technical or industry terms.

How to build your knowledge base

  • Conduct through, cross-functional research
  • Define your MVP
  • Determine your taxonomy and content plan
  • Outline your technology plan
  • Build out the right analytic capabilities
  • Focus on continuous improvement

Determine how to organize your knowledge base

  • How content is grouped
  • How individual content pieces relate to each other
  • Whether content groupings are mutually exclusive and exhaustive
  • What ways that you expect your plans to change over time

KPIs for knowledge base effectiveness


  • Returning visitors to support page
  • Searches with relevant results
  • Searches without relevant results
  • Visits from mobile devices to company support page
  • Visit from search engines to company knowledge base
  • Online visitors rating your knowledge base answers


  • Page views per visit on support page
  • Time on support page
  • Cost of live chat with agent
  • Bounce rate
  • Self-service deflection rate
  • Self-service success rate
  • Negatively rated knowledge base answers
  • Positively rated knowledge base answers

Source from Salesfoce