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6 Facts about How People Reading Content Online

55% of page views get less than 15 seconds of attention. That’s less than the record of the fastes man in the world (Usain Bolt) in the 200m final during the World Championships in Berlin in 2009 (19.19 seconds).

The average person will read less than 62 words on a webpage. The average adult reads about 250 words per minutes.

Most people don’t read but scan, only 28% of the text is read. People who share articles don’t always read the articles.

Web users focus 80% of their time above the page fold. Meaning, the part of the webpage that’s visible when users first land there.

Most visitors look at 100 of the visuals on the web.

How to direct your reader’s gaze?

  • Use high quality, large images.
  • Use bold, italics, or pops pf color to highlight important information.
  • Put most important content above the fold.
  • Use numbered and bulleted lists.

Source from Boosthenews

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