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5 Weird Habits of Successful People

Who knew that oddball business practices could help you reach professional triumph? The prof is in the CEO pudding: From Steve Jobs to Seth Godin, many high achievers’ habits are anything but conventional. Could adopting these entrepreneurs’ 5 weird habits launch you to business success?

They think backward
Realize your goal by starting at the finish line. Successful people, like rocket scientists, define their desired outcome first, then reverse engineer the steps and strides needed to get there.

They like to repeat themselves, a lot
Once you score a success, why stop there? Successful people try to figure out ways to replicate that win.

They cut corners
Step one: Succeed. Step two: Repeat the same results, but faster, easier ad cheaper than before. There’s a fine line between cutting corners and cutting quality, through. Make sure you recognize the difference.

They are quitters
Leaders quite a lot by keeping a keen eye on what’s not working. Once they identify the thing sucking energy, money and resources from their business, they cut it out, and fast.

They say “no” more often than they say “yes”
Successful people constantly say “no” to anything and everything not in support of the one great opportunity they’re focused on. If your goal is to grow giant pumpkins, growing giant melons as well will distract you.

Source from OPENForum

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