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5 ways to make your Customers Happier

The difference between satisfaction and delight lies with the customer’s experience of a particular interaction or transaction.

Yes, to satisfying customers is key – but it’s a minimum standard. Delighting customers and providing extraordinary experiences are what you should be aiming for. You need to put yourself in your customers’ shoes.

5 ways to make your Customers Happier

5 ways to make your Customers Happier

The 5 ways to make your customers happier uncovers:

  • the three things you need to align to create personalized content
  • the key to surfacing more relevant product recommendations
  • how to make your contextual messaging impactful and actionable
  • which channels offer the best experience for your customers

Grab your quick-fire infographic for 5 ways to make customers happy. Inside you’ll find out how to connect with customers meaningfully, through experiences that please.

Content Summary

Curate personalized content
Surface relevant products
Send contextual messages
Market to them on the right channel
Reward loyalty

Whether you are in the ecommerce space or operate in B2B, keeping customers happy will be a top priority to boost your business growth. Here are the five things you must do to win them over.

Curate personalized content

Customers carry the expectation of a personalized experience

Every promotional message you craft needs to fit the very customer you are working with at the time. Make sure you have the inside track to the human behind the screen.

Connect your data dots to add value to your content. Interact at a personal level with contests, giveaways, feedback, promotions, and editorial.

Align three things for a compelling conversation that drives conversion

Align three things for a compelling conversation that drives conversion

Align three things for a compelling conversation that drives conversion

  • Offer: You don’t want to send a coupon for a cheese tasting to a vegan. Ask people for the relevant data.
  • Relationship: How comfortable is your customer with you? Are you both acquaintances or good friends?
  • Time: What’s going on in your customer’s life? Where are they in the buying cycle of your product?

dotdigital’s partners can help you make personalized experiences a reality:

  • Movable Ink empowers brands to create compelling visual experiences based on relevant data and unique for each consumer at every moment.
  • Fresh Relevance helps brands maximize marketing return through digital dialogue, with dynamic content such as banners, promotions, and product recommendations.

Surface relevant products

Do more with product data: recognize, remember, recommend.

Customers are more likely to repeat their custom with a brand that makes it quick and easy for them to find what they’re looking for. Perhaps they often replenish their order and would appreciate a nudge when the time’s right?

Connecting this data will help you provide smart and relevant recommendations that delight customers.

  • Product Catalogs
  • Order History
  • Web Behavior

Product recommendations and personalized experiences can increase:

  • Store revenue increase 300%
  • Conversions increase 150%
  • AOV increase 50% (Source: BigCommerce)

dotdigital partners with personalization experts to help boost your relevancy:

  • Nosto’s AI-powered tool delivers real-time, automated one-to-one recommendations and personalized content across all customer touch-points. The result? Increased revenues and returns on investment.

Send contextual messages

Complement the conversation that’s already going on in the customer’s mind

Let’s say you’re a dental practice. Most of your customers usually get a yearly check-up. So, what do you do? Send them a reminder mention channels when they’re already thinking about re-booking.

Context is better communicated when you just get to the point:

  • “For strong and healthy teeth, it’s important to get a deep clean at least once a year.”
  • “Time for a dental deep clean? Book a next-day appointment on our app.”

Weak marketing messages linger and won’t surface the right conversation. Strong messages should immediately express what’s important to the customer.

Market to them on the right channel

Use preferences and behaviors to deliver your messages on the right channel

Build a form or survey asking customers to select their preferred channels. If your customers opt into several channels, analyze their behavior to determine which they’re most responsive on.

  • Email: £32 return on every £1 invested. (DMA, 2018)
  • SMS: 98% of SMS messages are opened. (eMarketer, 2018)
  • Ads: 47% brands use AI for audience targeting. (eMarketer, 2018)
  • Push: 67.5% worldwide opt-in rate for push notifications. (Comapi (dotdigital), 2018)

Reward loyalty

Identify your frequent shoppers and thank them for their custom

Loyal customers have a higher spend and are your most engaged audience. Retaining these existing customers is the cornerstone of your business growth.

Create a loyalty program to maximize their lifetime value:

  • Product recommendations
  • Personalized messages
  • Dynamic content
  • Rewards
  • Loyalty points

Want to know the ins and outs of customer loyalty? dotdigital’s partners can help you out:

  • LoyaltyLion is trusted by thousands of growing ecommerce merchants to increase customer retention and spend through effective loyalty programs.
  • Yotpo enables brands to build customized, on-brand loyalty and referral programs to incentivize repeat purchases, referrals, and social engagement.

Source: dotdigital

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