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5 Tips to Increase Sales During Holiday Season with Social Media

Did you know that 74% of consumers use social networks to make purchasing decisions? This means that having a social media strategy in place, especially for the holidays, is crucial to your year-end marketing. Here are a few ways you can drive sales with social media:

1. Find out which social networks your current and potential customers use.

you can find your fans via:

  • Checking Google Analytics to see which social networks are driving the most traffic.
  • Use social listening service like Social Mention, or simply search different social networks to track discussions about your products and company, as well as your competitors.
  • Ask with a survey to your subscribers asking them about their social network use.

2. Make all of your products easy to share on social media.
With AddThis Sharing Buttons, you can easily facilitate the sharing of your products on the top social networks.

3. Sell products through social media.
Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest all offer ad units with buy buttons that will drive traffic to your product pages, and they’re all also rolling out full e-commerce platforms for businesses.

4. Promote special offers via your social channels.
Consider hosting giveaway on Twitter with unique hashtag, or coupon or freebie through Facebook Offers.

5. Make your social activity about more than products and around holiday-themed content

  • Create compelling holiday-themed content; link to interesting news items that relate to your industry; participate in trending topics; or highlight bloggers who create products that complement yours.
  • Don’t forget to engage with that community on a one-on-one basis. Answering questions and responding to feedback—both positive and negative.

Use the social media channels at your disposal to enhance e-commerce efforts over the next few months, and you’ll build brand awareness, snag new customers and create brand advocates out of the ones you already have.

Source: How to Use Social Media to Drive Sales During the Holidays

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