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5 Reasons Why You Need to Integrate Chat and Self-Service

The explosion of social media, search engines, forums and online reviews have made customers self-reliant on retrieving necessary information for educated purchases. Self-service is now expected and preferred by your customers. Resolve your customers’ low-urgency issues on their terms, in their words anytime and anywhere. In this article you will learn the 5 easy wins you will immediately experience when you integrate chat and digital self-service.

Why Digital Self-Service?
Because your customers expect it.

70% of customers expect a company website to include self-service tools.

– AberdeenGroup

67% of consumers prefer using web self-service knowledge to find answers to their questions.

– Forrester

“One Size Fits All” Escalation Strategies Don’t Work
Your customers are different people, with different needs that require different types of engagement. If you don’t offer an easy path, they will seek friction-less experiences elsewhere.

It’s an Effortless Yet Powerful Win for Your Business
Digital self-service delivers substantial advantages with relatively little additional complexity. Make sure you choose a “next generation” solution that offers open API technology and self-learning abilities for simple implementation, quick deployment and super easy maintenance.

Why Integrate?

Good Apart, Better Together
Provide your customers a superb customer experience. 24/7 self-service with seamless chat integration offers your customer immediate, actionable answers through and enables them to escalate more complex issues to a live representative.

  • Higher Value Interaction
  • Lower AVH (Average Handling Time)
  • Increase Conversions
  • Increase Chat Agent FCR

Considerably Decrease your Operational Costs while Extending your Reach and Coverage
Chat and phone channel are pricey, costing upward of $9 for chat, and upward of $12.5 for phone channels. Deployed Self-Service Assistants deflect repetitive queries from these premium channels to drastically cut your operational costs. Maintain a steady resolution rate by resolving low value interactions even when there is a spike in demand that increases your support site traffic.

Enjoy Higher Value Interactions by Pre-Qualifying your Customers
Self-Service Assistants reduce the time your customers spend searching for resolution with automated, personalised escalation paths at the right time to the right agent with the right skill set.

Transfer more complex interactions to live chat so that high-value interactions, needing a human touch, have a smooth path forged with established context.

Save your Customers’ Time with a Seamless Transition to Chat
Don’t make your customer repeat “their history” at every touch point, instead help them tell their story for easy resolution. Self-service inquiries are intelligently transferred to the right agent. Rid your customer journey once and for all of agent re-routing, for better customer experience and higher agent productivity.

Higher Agent Productivity Effectively Manage your Call-Centre Operation
Do you support different live agent channels for support queries and sales queries? Now you can route your customer directly to the appropriate agent. Keep your teams focused on their expertise without bogging down your support queues with misdirected queries. This will decrease LDQ, increase your FCR and lower AVH.

Effortlessly Grow your Knowledge base and Keep it Up to Date
Optimize every customer interaction by continually learning from incoming questions and feedback. Use customer analytics to know exactly which information your customers need and create the content to support them.

Source: 5 Easy Wins When You Integrate Chat and Digital Self-Service Now

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