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5 Most Common Starting Points for Hybrid Cloud

Did you know that more than 50% of organizations are already using or planning a move to hybrid cloud? And that these same IT leaders expect to double their hybrid cloud budget over the next two years? VMware customers are seamlessly extending their on-premises data center built on the trusted foundation of VMware vSphere to hybrid cloud. Take a look at the top five most common ways you can get started.

Take a low-risk first step and develop and test in the cloud; choose to deploy either on- or off-premises.
50% of companies using hybrid cloud are getting started with dev/test. Biomni, a managed services leader, hosts dev/test in hybrid cloud to quickly create, experiment, and deliver new products to its customers.

Extend Existing Applications
Use your next application upgrade cycle to extend your data center to hybrid cloud.
25% of hybrid cloud users are moving packaged applications, including Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint to hybrid cloud. Creative Solutions in Healthcare is accelerating deployment of applications with hybrid cloud, at a third of the cost and a friction of the time.

Disaster Recovery
Extend your data center to hybrid cloud for disaster recovery.
Nearly 25% of hybrid cloud users are getting started by expanding critical infrastructure and operations for disaster recovery. Columbia Sportwear’s strategy is to seamlessly scale its on premises data center by moving Tier 3 and Tier 4 workloads off premises; and also plans to leverage vCloud Air to provide disaster recovery as a service to remote branch offices.

Modernize Enterprise Applications
Use hybrid cloud to modernize traditional architectures for applications and deliver desktop as a service.
Among hybrid cloud users, 17% see new application development as a strategic entry point for using hybrid cloud. Iatric Systems is strategically moving traditional applications to hybrid cloud, improving customer access while developing new revenue streams.

Create Next Generation Applications
Develop, test, and deploy next-generation and mobile applications in hybrid cloud, such as with Spring, Ruby on Rails, and Platform as a Service with Pivotal CF.
17% of hybrid cloud users are starting their deployment with next-generation apps. Nexon America is extending its onsite private cloud to hybrid cloud for faster development and delivery of new online gaming services to the market.

Are you ready to get started with hybrid cloud?

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