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5 Common Barriers to Business Transformation

CIOs and IT Executives today play a far more visible role and are central to business success. They are now charged with driving innovation, leading change, improving customer satisfaction, and ensuring a productive workforce and supply chain. Here are some common Business Transformation barriers.

Barrier 1: Operational Inefficiencies
Initiative: Digital business and IT convergence
Traditional APM and IT Systems Management tools provide mobile and web app diagnostic data but cannot monitor user’s interactions with applications in the context of a workflow for the full range of apps and devices used in the enterprise. 80% of IT executives say technology silos inhibit troubleshooting issues.

Barrier 2: Application Performance
Initiative: Cloud, Mobile, Virtualization
Relying on apps run on infrastructure outside of your control: SLAs offered by IT vendors covering infrastructure uptime, incident response time commitments, and penalties are insufficient to guarantee excellent End User Experience. 70% clited lost productivity as #1 consequence of poor application performance.

Barrier 3: Change Management and User Adoption
Initiative: Business Agility and Competitiveness
Without insight into actual usage and adoption by geography, department, or technology platform, enterprises cannot ensure successful outcomes for their strategic initiatives. 45% IT project failure due to ineffective organization change management.

Barrier 4: Customer Service and Support
Initiative: Customer Experience, Omni-Channel
Web and mobile are just a start. For contact center staff to deliver excellent customer service, the apps and devices on which they rely must deliver excellent End User Experience. End User Experience Monitoring must also extend to the Point of Sale (POS) applications at kiosks and at registers in the stores. 70% of problems affecting end users are not detected by IT.

Barrier 5: End to End Information Management
Initiative: Big Data, BI and Predictive Analytics
Without a view into user interactions for every app and device used in the enterprise, the analytics platform cannot provide the actionable insights needed by the business. 90% of IT transformation projects get delayed and/or don’t deliver the expected benefits.

Source from Aternity

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