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5 Advantages of Pay-As-You-Go Accounting Software System

Small business owners are constantly pulled in different directions, including customer invoicing and financial record keeping. Pay-as-you-go accounting software options help streamline the accounting process and increase the accuracy of small business bookkeeping. Here are 5 advantages to a pay-as-you-go accounting software system.

No Upfront Fees
Rather than hiring an IT consultant and incurring the expense of setting up an accounting infrastructure from the ground up, a pay as you go system provides everything you need from the minute you activate your online account. With no setup costs and a free one month trial, small companies can test a pay-as-you-go system without upfront costs.

Fast, Easy Implementation
Getting started with a pay as you go accounting online system is fast and easy without the need for costly hardware or software installation. With one click of a button you can begin testing the application. You don’t need to enter a credit card; simply create an account and begin capturing financial information in a cloud-based system built with bank-like data security. Systems are extremely user-friendly and designed to accommodate users with limited knowledge of accounting. Pay-as-you-go software also allows for customization to create company specific invoices and receipts.

No Contract Required
Rather than committing to a long-term contract, stopping and starting the pay as you go service is simple and users are not subject to cancellation fees. Data will be maintained online for a short period after service is discontinued to allow for transition to another system.

Gain Efficiencies
In addition to the low monthly fees, maintaining a paperless accounting system generates its own bundle of cost savings and efficiencies for small companies. The potential for manual errors decreases due to the checks and balances built into the double-entry system. Also, reports can be generated to provide insight into company financials and highlight potential areas for future growth. Rather than investing the time to build a customer billing and transaction recording system, most pay as you go accounting systems come fully loaded. Some are even compatible iPad(R) and iPhone(R) apps, which allow data capture outside of the office anytime or anywhere.

Gain Access to Most Advanced Accounting Software for a Low Price
Users receive integrated customer support via email, phone, and live chat. Tutorial videos provide ongoing training and help screens guide the set-up and customization process. Ongoing backups and bank-level data security are also included in a pay as you go accounting system.

Source: Accounting Software: 5 Advantages of a Pay-As-You-Go System

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