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30 Marketing Ideas to Increase Sales for Small Business

    1. Set daily goals and make sure to involve entire team daily.
    2. Co-market with non-competing businesses with similar clients.
    3. Send weekly emails to clients and prospects.
    4. Create bundled products or bundled services vs only individual choices.
    5. Get and promote customer reviews.

  1. Narrow your niche to focus better (yes).
  2. Increase word-of-mout advertising.
  3. Set specific exclusive offers (military, student, animal owners…)
  4. Design specific referral programs.
  5. Ask for a referral immediately after delivering great results.
  6. Always carry company information (pens, biz cards, give-aways)
  7. Over-correct mistakes.
  8. Run or sponsor local event for your community.
  9. Take a chance and show up / market somewhere different than competitors.
  10. Public speaking at libraries, schools and events.
  11. Get published locally, ebooks and media.
  12. Track ROI for all marketing strategies and constantly reduce underperforming strategies and invest in best performing weekly.
  13. Over service existing customers.
  14. Cross promote with other business.
  15. Focus on strengths and outsource weaknesses.
  16. Take imperfect action vs perfect inaction daily.
  17. Get fund in local directories.
  18. Partner with influences in your area or market.
  19. Be everywhere networking.
  20. Increase prices (yes increase).
  21. Create and add-on item / service to offer customers at purchase time.
  22. Send surprises to your best customers.
  23. Create new products or services to offer existing customers.
  24. Make contacting you overly simple.
  25. Call past prospects and survey how you could have made the process easier (this is a winner)

Remember if you’re not getting rejections, you’re just not selling often.

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