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3 Good Rapid Authoring Tools for M-Learning Development

The corporate training world is going mobile. So, how can you create online courses that meet the needs of mLearners efficiently? 3 widely used rapid authoring tools for mobile learning development as below:

Lectora Inspire

This powerful software has built-in templates which are very useful to develop courses for the mobile, in quick time. Lectora is highly flexible in terms of customizing interativities, templates and quizzes. This tool is ideal to convert text-heavy content into highly engaging mobile learning courses and develop courses that need to be translated into several languages.

Adobe Captivate 8

This tool can be used to build courses for all devices, including mobiles and desktop computers. Your developer needs to create the base version of an online course, and it will be automatically updated on mobile devices such as iPad, tablet and smartphone. This tool also has a feature called responsive screen capture that enables you to record using any device.

Articulate Storyline

Articulate Storyline is a great tool if you wan to produce eLearning courses in Flash, HTML5 and iOS formats from a single source. It has touch-savvy interactions, quizzes or puzzles that are compatible with tablet and smartphone.

Few ways to deliver mobile learning courses:

Web Portal

Presentations, podcasts, eBooks, etc. can be made compatible with mobile devices and hosted on the web, where your employees can access these any time anywhere through their mobile devices.

Mobile Website

These are website that are designed exclusively to host mobile learning content. The layout, navigation buttons and interface can be designed according to features and screen size of the mobile device.

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