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3 Things Every CEO Should Do to Succeed on Social Media

Despite the ever – increasing importance of social media in consumers’ lives, many chief executives remain hesitant to dive in completely. This is a huge mistake; engaging on social networks can have a huge payoff.

A survey of senior managers found that 76% believe it’s a good idea for their CEO to be on social media. Why? If you’re a leader who’s hesitated to make the leap, the time to fully engage is now.

  • 75% say it gives the company a human face
  • 78% say it has a positive impact on the company’s reputation
  • 80% say it’s good way of sharing news
  • 69% say it makes the company a more attractive place to work
  • 70% say it has a positive impact on business results

Start with LinkedIn

CEOs: LinkedIn is, by far, their most popular social network.

32% of Fortune 500 CEOs have active LinkedIn accounts.

70% of CEOs who are active on just one social network are on LinkedIn.

This popularity is due to the power of the platform; the network is a hub for co-workers, press, peers, customers, and future employees. That’s why it should be the first focus of every CEO.

To make the most of LinkedIn, it’s important to:

  • Optimize: Get a good headshot and include your full work history.
  • Publish: Solicit endorsements, include press mentions, and add skills.
  • Engage: Regularly like, comment, and reshare others’ content.

Pick a few other platforms – and stick with it

Of the Fortune 500 CEOs on social media, it’s essential to engage on social media beyond LinkedIn. Why? Because other platforms offer access to vastly different audiences, as well as other methods of communicating.

  • 57 post publicly to Twitter
  • 57 are active on Facebook
  • 2 post to YouTube

So how do you pick which additional networks to engage on? Look at your goals and comfort level

  • Remember response time: On platforms like Twitter, you’re expected to react quicker.
  • Decide on visual vs. text: Use the networks that suit your preferred communication style.
  • Think about behavior: Consumers use different platforms for very different reasons.
  • Examine demographics: Networks, differ widely in age, gender, and geo breakdowns.

Experiment to find the right frequency and content

  • Generally, it’s better to post more than less; it keeps audiences engaged.
  • It’s okay to reuse content across different networks and repost pieces.
  • Reposting other people’s content can go very long way.

Don’t be dull

Many CEOs come across as unengaging on social media, despite being warm and dynamic in person. To avoid coming across as bland, have a hand in your posts and stay relatable.

  • 56% of senior managers think it’s risky for CEOs to participate in social media.
  • CEOs can’t post every piece, but they should see everything.
  • You don’t have to be controversial, but it’s okay to share bold ideas.
  • Ensure that your opinions and personality aren’t lost in posts.
  • Don’t worry about perfection; focus on coming across as yourself.

Social networks give CEOs the chance to put forth ideas, understand issues, and connect with people deeply. That’s an incredible opportunity that, if tackled well, can benefit both the business and the individual immensely.

Source from MDG Advertising

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