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2FA-bypass phishing campaign

Updated on 2022-11-23

A crypto-stealing phishing campaign is abusing Microsoft Azure Web Apps service to evade MFA and steal cryptocurrencies from Coinbase, KuCoin, Metamask, and accounts. Read more: Attackers bypass Coinbase and MetaMask 2FA via TeamViewer, fake support chat

Overview: 2FA-bypass phishing campaign

PIXM researchers said they are tracking a sophisticated phishing campaign that targets users of cryptocurrency services and wallets like Coinbase, Metamask, KuCoin, and Researchers said the phishing sites where users are being lured include the ability to intercept 2FA tokens, allowing the attackers to access secure accounts. In addition, the attackers will also use an in-browser chat window to initiate a remote desktop session on the victim’s device (usually via TeamViewer), approve their own device as valid to access the user’s account, and then drain cryptocurrency from their wallet. Read more: Cybercrime Group Expands Cryptocurrency Phishing Campaign

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