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25 Ways to use Social Website to Market Your Business

Social media websites aren’t just for connecting with friends. They can be an excellent asset in spreading the world about your products, services, website and business. They can also help your sales campaigns go viral and spread throughout the Net like wildfire. Here are some ways to effectively market your business with social websites:

Add links on your website to social media sites

Target additional viewers and followers by linking to your Facebook fan page and Twitter page.

Hold contests for people who become fans or followers

It’s easy for people to become a fan or follower; they just need to click a button. Give them a reason to do so with fun contests.

Send messages that link to relevant information and articles

Update your page with information that will help your followers and viewers.

Send out a coupon

Coupons in the hands of targeted customers will mean more business for you.

Count down to an event

Facebook and Twitter give you the ability to stay updated every day. Why not count down to a special event to keep people interested and involved?

Have an online scavenger hunt

Sending viewers on an online scavenger hunt around your website and social profiles can help your business and provide some fun.

Build a Facebook Fan Page

A Facebook fan page will follow you to provide a great deal of information about your business right from Facebook.

Upload your logo and brand your social pages

Some social networking sites allow you to use your own graphics. Take advantages this.

Send out some messages to fans only

Use Facebook to send a message to your Fans whenever you have especially important news to share.

Exchange tweets and updates with other business

If you know businesses that compliment yours, you can update each others’ fan base in order to bring in more new clients.

Use social bookmarking

Social bookmarking allows you to tag your articles as well as connect with the opinions of others.

Start a blog

Start your own blog in order to share longer updates and link your blog posts to sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Write a guest blog entry for another blog and tweet about it

A guest entry can bring you in more viewers especially when you are a guest on a popular blog.

Display your contact information

Ensure that your website and social media profiles prominently display your contact information, including your Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Give incentives for referrals

Give your current clients a good reason to refer you to their friends.

Keep in touch often

Avoid letting too much time go by between your updates.

It’s not all business

Have fun and provide relevant information for free as well as coupons, sales and specials.

Build backlinks

Some social sites allow you to leave your website link in order to build backlinks.

Join and contribute to forums

There are groups and forums within many sites like Facebook. Starting connecting and post on relevant topics.

Stay informal

Type in a tone that comes off as serious but still relatable.

Upload a video

Many social sites allow you to upload videos. Make a promotional video about your business and post it in your social media accounts.

Respond to tweets and status updates

Give personal responses whenever someone has a question or comment. It will show that you truly care.

Keep SEO in mind

Remember that it helps your search engine rankings whenever you post your website link around the internet, so increase your repertoire of social site memberships from time to time.

Use paid advertising

Site like Facebook allow you to target your clients with paid advertising, which may come in handy when you run special promotions for your business.

Comment on blogs

Commenting on other blogs in your field will help you build a reputation as well as help with backlinks.

Source from Love Your Life

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