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21 Secrets Behind Viral Infographics

Infographics get shared 2.3x more than normal blog posts, But if you want your infographic to get viral you’ll have to do more than hit the publish button…

Number in Title

Research shown that headlines with a number get 36% more clicks. Odd numbers have a 20% better click through rate than even numbers.

Powerful Headline

8 out of 10 people will only read the headline of your content. It needs to grab peoples’ attention and promise a benefit.

Eye-Catching Header Image

The title / header of your infographic should be easy to see and read even if the infographic is not a full size. (like on Pinterest)

Attention Grabbing Intro

People only read about 28% of a website page. Make sure to get them hooked early so they stick around and read the whole infographic.

Simple Color Combination

When your visuals use appealing color palettes, people are 80% more likely to read all of your content.

Easy to Read Typography

Choose a typography combination that’s extremely easy to read and not too fancy or intricate.

Numbered Navigation

Keep readers attention longer by using numbers so they know how much information they can expect and where they are in your infographic.

Quick Wins

Humans are hardwired for “immediate gratification” so make sure your content provides quick, actionable advice people can use right away.

Distinct Sections

Designing an infographic with good “flow” is accomplished by creating separate, designated sections for your content.

Features Influencers

Maximise your potential reach by increasing your chances that influencers share your infographic.

Uses Data and Quotes

Use relevant stats, quotes, data and external validation from other resources to increase the cedibility of your argument.


The best infographics use graphics, symbols, icons and more to illustrate complex ideas using strong visual elements.

Logo and Branding

Add your logo, branding and website URL to increase brand awareness when your infographic is shared online.

Cited Resources

Make sure to add the URL of every website or resource you cited. Not only to give them credit, but also to entice those people to share later.

East to Scan

When you create content that’s “scannable” in can increase readability by 57%.


Basic SEO

Enjoy a continuous stream of free traffic when you optimize and rank your infographics for specific keywords.

Loads Fast

After you export your infographic make sure to optimize the image for fast online loading using a tool like Optimizilla.

The 5:9 Rule

Research shows that infographics which are nine times longer than they are wide receive more shares.


Super Easy to Share

Include obvious sharing buttons for Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and other relevant social networks you use.

Content Communities

Share your infographic with eager to share communities like Reddit who are always looking for fresh content.

Personal Outreach Emails

Personally reach out to relevant influencers, bloggers and people who’ve shared your content in the past.

Don’t be fooled, when an infographic goes viral there’s no magic or luck involved. Those infographics are using a combination of the tips you just read. Lucky for you. Now you’ve got all of them in one place.

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