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12 Fashion Photography Tips For Better Instagram Promotion


As a photographer, you need to come to the set having a concrete idea of what you want to achieve. Refer books on makeup, posing, hair, styling and more that can inspire you. Pretty much something will catch up your eye, and a story or concept will develop.

It’s Your Concept

In the world of fashion, there is a team consisting of makeup artist, hairstylist and stylist to assist you. You can take their suggestion and feedback, but never assign them the reigns. You must not allow others to take over your vision; otherwise your image will pay for it.

Experiment with light

An artistic talent of a photographer can be judged through the usage of the lights. Professional fashion photographers mix available lights with tungsten or strobe light. Light creates drama and that is what photos need and it brings out their creativity.

Engage the model

One way to engage models is through eye contact. When a model looks straight at the camera and poses, it builds up a powerful engagement. This displays the strong connection of the model with the viewer of the image.

Move and move some

There is no harm in experimenting with all the possible angles while shooting. You can move, shoot and move, until the shoot becomes perfect. It is important that you don’t wait for the shot to come to you, you need to create it.

Change Your Angle

As a rule of thumb in fashion photography, photographers must be lower or close to the ground for shooting up towards the models. This can prolong the photo shoot. Sometimes there is no harm in breaking the rules by moving around a lot and shooting the model from various angles.

Get a Prop Involved

Having a prop in a photo shoot can give the photo that element of “tangibility”. Imagine how interesting it would be to see a model using a tube of lipstick or playing with a handbag. It gives a sense of reality to the shot.

Random Candid Shots

Look out for those moments when the model is fixing her shoe or adjusting her skirt. When the model’s attention is somewhere else or is looking away for a moment, it is sexy and unexpected. These are real moments and can be considered to be dynamic.

Be a Director

Being a fashion photographer involves certain amount of direction. Of course, there can be many models who don’t need to be directed and coordinated. You might like and be amazed at what those models bring to the set but it’s important not compromise on your direction.

Break the Rules

These is no harm in following the correct way to light the subjects. However, at times, you might need to break the rules and follow the conventional ideas to get the best picture. Go ahead and break the rules and be surprised with yourself as well as the photo.

Never Stop Shooting

Shoot wherever and whenever you can. The second you stop shooting, is the second when your photographic talent start to disappear and you become lazy. In worst cases, you may end up losing touch with your creativity and may find yourself not being enthusiastic about fashion photography.


It is important to believe in yourself and your work. Have confidence in your work and don’t be afraid of screwing up. Even if you screw up, it is ok. This gives you a chance to learn from your mistakes and ensures that you don’t repeat it again.

Source from iDigic

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