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10 Ways to Improve Internal Communication

Practical tips to:
– Increase employee engagement.
– Improve company competitiveness.
– Build stronger teams.

Which one mistake do companies make the most in managing their employees?
– 41%: Lack of communication between staff and management.
– 28%: Lack of recognition and praise.
– 11%: Lack of training and/or educational opportunities.
– 8%: Lack of flexibility in work schedules.
– 6%: Lack of authority given to employees.
– 6%: Don’t know/no answer.

#1: Encourage sharing, input and dialogue
Good internal communication flows in two ways.
Teach people to give feedback on information they get.
Create and reward open dialogue.

#2: Have managers lead by example
If you want your employees to communicate, make sure the leaders do it first.
Tell your managers to share, comment, give feedback and answer.

#3: Get employee buy-in
Show and provide value to employees.
Excite them about the cause of sharing information.

#4: Make objectives and goals public
Publish company, team and personal goals online and make them visible.
Research OKR – Objectives and Key Results – a successful process used by Google.

#5: Use online tools instead of meetings
Meetings are often the biggest waste of time.
Reduce that time by using online team update and reporting tools.

#6: Establish regular processes
Gone are the times of big information blasts. People want granular real-time updates.
Make communications a weekly process with defined rules.

#7: Train people in the language of sharing
Writing well is a learned skill, Explain what it entails.
Most people have to be trained to write for others, not themselves.

#8: Use mobile tools
Most people get their information nowadays on the go. Provide tools for internal work-related sharing on phones and tablets. Search app stores for Weekdone app.

#9: Survey your employees
To get answers and know current state, run regular employees surveys.

#10: Listen
Listening is often more important than publishing information.
Encourage input from all ranks.

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