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10 Tips for Twitter Success

Twitter is the second most popular social media network and small businesses are using it to publicise products and services, talk to customers and increase their online footprint. With the help of social media expert Nicky Kriel, here are our 10 tips for business tweeting.

#1 Know why you’re tweeting.
In 140 characters, it’s tough to raise awareness, generate leads and sell all in one go. So be clear about what you want to achieve.

#2 Smile.
Post a decent picture with your profile. A head and shoulders picture or something that represents the business well,

#3 Paint a perfect profile.
Your bio can be found on Google so make the words count. Include some keywords that are relevant to your business to help search engines find you.

#4 Link to your website.
If Twitter is doing its job, people will want to know more. Include links to your website, blog or other social media pages.

#5 Follow, follow, follow.
Find friends and follow them and they’ll follow back. If you post interesting content, it will get shared and you’ll get more followers.

#6 Listen!
It’s not just a mouthpiece for your business. There are others out there. Listen to what’s being said and respond to questions and comments.

#7 Join the chatter.
You’ll get more from Twitter if you engage with others. People are more likely to do business with someone they know and trust.

#8 Use proper English.
It may only take a second to read a tweet, but if the tweet does not make sense, people won’t spend the time to re-read it.

#9 Watch out for DMs.
Danger lurks in direct messages (DMs). Don’t click on links unless you trust them and likewise, don’t retweet.

#10 Remember who’s watching.
Once it’s out there, it’s there forever. If you wouldn’t want a potential customer (or your mum!) to read it, don’t post it!

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