A Year in Review: Information Management Trends in 2012

Big Data Explodes how companies used Big Data in 2012
- Social analytic
- Customer Segmenting
- Predictive analytic
- Time-to-answer

Google Drive – Google unveils its cloud storage service and strives to compete as a business suite, rivaling Box, DropBox and Office365.
- More than 10 million users
-GMail allows 10MB attachments with Google Drive
- File sharing between Google+ and Google Drive

Where Information Lives
- Externally – 50% of business information is stored outside a company’s data center.
- In Duplication – 43% of business information is duplicate.
- On Mobile – 47% of customer data is on mobile devices.
- In The Cloud – 23% of business information is stored in the cloud, globally.

The Biggest Threat to Information is YOU!
- You access company documents from unsecure networks.
- Your password is most likely 123456.
- You are likely to lose your iPad or smartphone in a cab.